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What To Look for When Your HVAC System Needs Service?

Is your AC system behaving strangely? It has been months since you last operated your air conditioning system, and the winter break can reduce the air conditioning system’s performance ability. 

According to AC replacement in East Cobb, the air conditioning system needs cleaning and oiling to return to its original form. However, if you think the AC system’s performance will increase if you keep using it, there might be a chance it will increase the severity of problems developing inside the AC system.  

1.) Signs That Indicate Your AC System Needs AC Servicing

According to the air conditioning service in East Cobb, here are a few signs that indicate you need to call the AC technician for servicing: 

  • Weak Airflow   

If you receive minimum-quality air at the lowest temperature, you need to call the technician to check the system airflow. When the AC system takes time to cool down the temperature or has a hot or cold spot issue, it indicates a poor airflow issue. 

  • Increase in Electricity Bills    

An AC compressor is a vital element of the air conditioning system and consumes more electricity than any other component. The electricity bills increase due to issues with the compressor functioning. 

  • Loud and Disturbing Noises

Lack of lubrication between the mechanical components increases the production of noise during AC operation. However, according to AC replacement in East Cobb, some noises indicate issues in the AC system, like grinding, rattling, hissing, and others.   

  • Smelly Odors  

Odors coming from the AC system are not a good sign. Call the AC technician to understand the reason behind the smelly odors. 

  • The Increased Amount of Dust  

The air conditioning system needs a thorough cleaning if you can see a layer of dust on the furniture. You should invest in the best-quality air filter and replace it every three months. 

2.) Is it Essential to Call AC Service for Commercial AC Systems?

Apart from residential HVAC systems, commercial AC systems also need attention and maintenance services. According to our experts in commercial HVAC repair in East Cobb, GA, commercial HVAC system repair issues can be more expensive than residential ones. Here are some reasons why: 

  • They are more massive in size than residential systems. 
  • The functioning is much more complicated than regular systems. 
  • To maintain productivity because working in a comfortable environment leads to better performance. 
  • A sudden breakdown can jeopardize your image in front of your customers and clients. 
  • Commercial AC systems consume more electricity, and skipping AC maintenance will increase electricity costs. 

3.) How Much Does Commercial AC Servicing Cost? 

HVAC companies charge a fixed amount for servicing the entire HVAC system. However, some HVAC companies or technicians performing commercial HVAC repair in East Cobb take the fees hourly. Ask about the technician’s fees before handing him the job. 


Annually scheduling AC maintenance services to upkeep the AC system is good for your household. You might not see the results today. However, in the long term, the results will be visible. 

Maintenance Unlimited Heating and Cooling have the best offers for you to keep your AC system running and in good condition. If you are looking for air conditioning service in East Cobb, call our experts at 404-454-2686 and arrange a schedule today.