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The Top Five Strategies For Summer Air Conditioning Cost Savings

With an increase in greenhouse gasses, scientists have recorded an increasing trend in temperatures over the past few years. 

Are you worried about how this will affect your utility bills and are looking for tips that will help in savings? The experts of air conditioning service in Atlanta have provided some of the answers to your queries. 

Follow the blog to find cost-effective tips for savings this summer.

1.) Strategies That Will Keep Your Expenses Under Budget

Here are some strategies that you can operate in your daily life to increase your savings and prevent the monthly budget from dwindling: 

  • Let Your Air Conditioning System Run All-Day

Turning the AC system on and off frequently increases the compressor’s workload. However, if you are out, then lower the temperature instead of shutting it down. 

  • Maintain the Thermostat Temperature 

Fluctuation in the thermostat temperature is also not good for the compressor’s health. According to experts at AC repair in East Cobb, GAinvesting in smart thermostats will help you find the preferable temperature settings, and you can substantially save on electricity bills.   

  • Insulate the Surroundings  

Insulating the refrigeration pipes and ductwork vents will reduce the margin of energy loss. If you have ductwork, then visually inspect the ductwork monthly. Look for hissing noises for refrigerant or air leakage. 

  • Do Not Forget to Schedule the Annual Maintenance Service 

According to the air conditioning service in Atlanta, annually scheduling the maintenance service keeps the repair issues away from the AC system. 

  • Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help in increasing the comfort of your home. Combining an AC system with a ceiling or portable fan will increase air circulation, thereby reducing the time in cooling the entire room. 

2.) Invest in an Energy-Efficient AC System

If your air conditioning system has crossed the threshold of delivering services for ten years, then you should start looking for a new air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is designed to work for 10-15 years, so you will have to replace it within a few years. 

According to AC replacement in East Cobb, here are some features that you should look for in your new AC system: 

  • High SEER ratings and has an Energy Star label by EPA. 
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Quickly accessible for repairs and replacement. 
  • Does not require ductwork. 
  • Smart home systems and voice assistants can control additional and advanced features like AC systems. 
  • Compatible with a thermostat that displays essential information like humidity levels in indoor air. 

According to experts at the air conditioning service in Atlanta, if you buy a higher SEER rating AC system, you are eligible for tax incentives or rebate offers to help you decrease the installation and labor costs. 


Call the AC repair in East Cobb, GA, as soon as you find the symptoms in the AC system. Reporting the issue on time will stop the issue from growing further. Call Maintenance Unlimited Heating and Cooling technicians to fix your malfunctioning AC and increase your savings.