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The Best HVAC Tips For Winter Preventative Maintenance

Cold winter temperatures usually require your heating system to work extra hard to heat your home. Please remember routine maintenance and timely heating repair in East Cobb, GA and the surrounding metro Atlanta area are vital to keeping it working well. Call us today to learn more about our Maintenance Made Simple Memberships!

Now you might wonder what the essential winter HVAC preventive maintenance tips are. Well, there are many! Keep reading below to learn more about maintaining your HVAC system to keep your home warm all winter long.

Effective Tips for Winter Preventive Maintenance


Here are some useful tips that will help keep your furnace functioning well throughout the winter. 

  • Change the Heater Air Purifiers

One of the most necessary HVAC maintenance suggestions is to clean and change the HVAC air filters. An HVAC air filter removes pollutants from the air that circulates through the system. However, if the filter becomes blocked with dust and debris, it can restrict airflow, making the system work harder. It may also emit dangerous contaminants into the air, lowering air quality.

Checking and changing the filter once a month ensures that clean, warm air circulates throughout your home. It also reduces energy expenditures and keeps your HVAC equipment from overworking, preventing malfunctions and repairs. 

  • Add Insulation as Needed

Ensuring your attic is well-insulated is an asset to your home and HVAC system. Proper insulation keeps warm air inside and cold air outside your home. It also reduces the strain on your HVAC system, saving you money on heating and making it easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

How can you tell if the insulation in your attic is adequate? It should be sufficient to obscure your view of the floorboards. If this isn’t the case, consider adding more insulation to your attic or discuss this issue with our HVAC specialist during your heating installation in Atlanta.

  • Reprogramming the HVAC Thermostat

Another vital winter HVAC maintenance tip is to reprogram your thermostat while you’re warming your home daily. Lowering your thermostat at night and when no one is home protects the system and lowers your energy expenses.

Since these basic steps are easy to overlook, investing in a programmable thermostat will ensure they are carried out automatically. These thermostats allow you to program different temperatures for various times of day without manually adjusting them each time.

  • Cover the Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Another simple proactive HVAC maintenance advice that can help you avoid worse problems is to cover your exterior AC unit. Covering the unit throughout the winter months keeps detritus at bay and safeguards it from ice, snow, and potentially animal infestation. 


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