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Should You Maintain Your AC At The End Of The Summer?

Do you think it is essential to call the maintenance services at the end of the summer season to check the AC system? It may not seem necessary, but regular maintenance helps increase the lifespan of your unit.

Technicians of AC repair in Atlanta suggest that there are possible chances the outdoor unit could get damaged during the winter season. That’s why it is a precautionary measure to preserve the system for next year’s summers. 

1. Why Call Maintenance Services at the End of the Summer? 

Here are some reasons that make maintenance services during the season vital: 

  • To Prevent the Development of Repair Issues

Excessive and exhaustive use can increase the chances of repair issues. The issue’s severity might increase if the air conditioning system goes into slumber with the problems. 

  • To Maintain the AC System Structure 

The debris that comes along with heavy rain, snowfall, and storms can damage the outdoor AC unit. 

  • Protect the Refrigerant Pipes

Metal pipes can develop cracks, and their quality deteriorates if the temperature fluctuates frequently. The metal atoms expand and contract as the temperature goes from high to low. 

  • You can Easily Use It in the Off-Season

If your system is maintained at the end of the season, it will effectively work if you need it during the off-season. 

  • Maintain Effectiveness

Most households face this issue where the AC system does not work when it wakes up after remaining shut down for months. According to the AC repair in Atlanta, AC maintenance keeps the system in good condition even during the off-season. 

2. How to Prepare Your AC for the Winter Season?

Here are a few tips from the experts at commercial AC installation in Atlanta that you can use to protect your AC system in winter: 

  • Clean the surroundings of the outdoor unit and also the outdoor AC system. Discard all the debris and foliage, and clean the dust accumulated on the components. 
  • Take a brush and clean the condenser fins and coils to remove the collected dust. Take the dishwashing soap and a scrubber and wash the coils. 
  • Check the drainage system for blockage. If the pipes are clean, pour down one spoonful of baking powder and half a cup of vinegar down the line to prevent bugs and mildew formation. 
  • Examine the integrity of insulation on the pipes. If you think the installation is wearing off, call the AC replacement in East Cobb to replace the installation. 
  • Switch on the AC system for the last time and look for anything irregular in the functioning. Consult the technician if you find anything weird. 
  • Cover the outdoor AC system with a plastic or waterproof protection cover. 


It is essential to winterize the air conditioning system at the end of the summer. It is a prudent step to avoid mishaps and damage to the AC system structure during the winter seasons. You can maintain the AC system and prepare it for a winter slumber. 

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