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How To Utilize Your AC To The Fullest?

It is essential to use your air conditioning system to its maximum capacity because AC systems are a type of investment. Using the air conditioning system to its fullest does not mean operating it at the lowest temperature the thermostat has in its list of operations. 

According to the AC contractor in Atlanta, maintenance and prevention have an intensive role in enhancing and extending the AC system’s life. 

1.) How to Utilize the Air Conditioning System to Deliver Optimum Services?  

Here are some ways, discussed by our experts at air conditioning service in East Cobb, that will help to extend the AC system’s average life of 7-8 years. 

  • Cover Your Air Conditioning System 

In the summer season, install a sun shade or cover the outdoor AC system unit with a protective cover to prevent the sunlight from affecting its functionality. 

  • Give a Break to Your AC System

An air conditioning system is a machine that will break down soon if you use it excessively. The prominent reason behind the AC’s sudden breakdown is the AC compressor’s exhaustion. It is essential to give the AC system a break for 4-5 hours. 

  • Prepare the AC System for the Winter Season

Winterizing the air conditioning system means preparing the AC system for the winter season. It generally includes a quick clean-up of the AC system, covering the AC units with a plastic cover, and insulating the metal pipes. 

  • Call the Maintenance Service in the Spring Season 

Schedule an appointment with the air conditioning service in East Cobb to ensure the technician checks the system for issues and detects the problem on time. Resolve the issues before they become pressing issues that need extensive repairs. 

  • Keep the Air Filter Clean 

According to the air conditioner contractor in Atlanta, it is essential to replace the air filter before starting the season. If you have a heat pump, the experts recommend replacing it every three months. 

  • Limit the Heat Resources the Indoors 

Close the windows and doors during the daytime and drape dark shade curtains over the windows to keep sunlight out. It is better to avoid using a heated curler, oven, or any equipment that releases heat into the environment. 

2.) What are the AC Repair Issues that Need Immediate Technical Assistance? 

AC repair issues can obstruct your way of relaxing and spending chill time in the summer. Moreover, AC repair issues in commercial buildings can affect the entire company or business operations. 

It is essential to keep in contact with a commercial HVAC repair in East Cobb, GA, so they can respond quickly to your concerns and deliver effective solutions. Here are some problems that need immediate expert attention: 

  • The AC system produces loud and disturbing noises. 
  • The air conditioning system vents deliver warm air instead of chill air. 
  • Water leakage issue from the inside AC unit. 
  • Humidity issue due to evaporator coil malfunctioning. 
  • Inefficient air services issues. 


An air conditioner system is necessary, and it is your responsibility to utilize it to its maximum capacity. If the AC system struggles to deliver high-quality air, you can contact our air conditioning service in East Cobb for a quick check. 

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