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How Can Your Home Be Prepared For The Fall?

If your area experiences harsh winters, create a strategy for preparing your home now so you can ensure your machine never breaks down unexpectedly, resulting in costly heating repair. If you reside in East Cobb, GA or the surrounding areas and require heating services from a professional company you can trust, look no further than Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling for asssitance.

How to Make Your Home Winter Ready?

Below are some primary ways to prepare your home for the upcoming fall season. 

  • Insulate the Pipes

Any open pipe that runs across a wall or is in an insulated area (such as a cellar or crawl space) poses a risk. When temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water inside the pipe can freeze and rupture.

It is where pipe insulation can help safeguard your pipes. In addition, pipe insulation looks like spaghetti with a slit that you can purchase at a hardware store. Cut it to the size of the pipe, wrap it around it, and fasten it using duct tape if necessary.

  • Examine Your Home for Overgrown Branches

Examine your property for branches that have grown over the home, garage, road, or power lines. Those could fall during a storm and do significant damage. Branches touching against each other might also cause breakage requiring heating repair in East Cobb, GA.

It is better to look for dead limbs, such as dead leaves that remain connected after the rest of the tree has dropped, smooth patches where the bark has been removed, or spots where mushrooms have developed. If you notice anything suspicious, contact our professional technician.

  • Sprinklers for Drainage

Remove any excess moisture from your outside sprinkler system before the first freeze to prevent it from expanding and cracking the pipes. Hiring an irrigation contractor to blow away the water with compressed air is your best bet.

Turn off the water supply and open the drain valves at the lowest point of the irrigation system (typically in the basement) to allow water drainage.

  • Flower Bed Mulch

Add a layer of solid wood mulch to your flower beds before the worst winter temperatures arrive. Mulching now helps to moderate fluctuations in soil temperature. The mulch provides insulation, protecting the plants from the upcoming freezing weather. However, if you think you cannot do it yourself, hire our professional for repair or heating replacement in College Park, GA, for assistance.

  • Cleaning the Fireplace

If you use a wood-burning chimney more than six times a year, you should have it dusted and inspected once a year by a professional. Otherwise, creosote and soot buildup can ignite. If you rarely use your fireplace or have a gas fireplace (which burns cleaner than wood), an examination every three years is acceptable.

  • Draft Blocks

Light a candle and place it on each windowsill and baseboard. Is it flickering? That indicates a drought. You may improve your home’s energy efficiency by reducing one drought at a time.

Clean and dry the area around the baseboards with a paper towel. Fill gaps between the border and the floor with an even bead of white or clear paintable sealant.

The Bottom Line


Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling is a team of professional heating and cooling experts. Moreover, our technicians can help resolve all your maintenance, repairs, or heating replacement in College Park, GA and the nearby areas. For more details, call us at (404) 996-0218.