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Do You Need AC Maintenance At The End Of Summer?

You might be prepared to put your air conditioner away for the year, and transition to the heating season now that the summer is almost over. However, we advise that you have your air conditioner serviced before you put it to rest for the cooler months of the year. 

Even though most homeowners wouldn’t think to service their air conditioners on their own, doing it towards the end of the summer provides a few advantages. Doing this will help you further manage air conditioning repair in College Park.

1.) Advantages of having your air conditioner serviced towards the end of summer

Your AC will be ready to use when you need it.

Summer does not always begin at the exact time in the calendar. Will your air conditioner be prepared to use immediately, for example, if hot weather suddenly develops in the early spring?

It will be, if you have it serviced towards the end of the summer by a reliable air conditioning service in Atlanta.

It is the time for quick fixes.

The final thing you want to do is put off any required air conditioning repairs simply because you won’t be using your AC for a while. A prolonged period of idleness may occasionally make problems with your air conditioner worse. 

Additionally, technicians are not quite as busy in the early fall as in the early winter and summer. You can bet on timely service by a trusted air conditioning service in Atlanta if you schedule your repairs at the end of the cooling season, keeping your system on track for when it’s time to shine.

2.) End of summer AC maintenance tips

Listen to the system run

Anything strange might signify a problem or damage sustained over the summer. Listen and check again to hear whether you have heard anything strange.

Do you identify anything that might have caused harm due to external sources? Perhaps a thunderstorm occurred, or somebody pruned the plants next to the external air intake. This might be the cause of the strange noises.

Inspect all the electrical connections

Search the area for any wires that could be loose or the ones that are broken from the power source. Remember to inspect the system for any problematic, potentially fire-hazardous stripped and pinched wires. 

You might need to repair the wire or insulation if you discover any damage by an air conditioning repair in College Park.

Install a new air filter

Most AC owners change their air filters at the start of the summer. However, it needs to be changed again after being used for a complete season.

By replacing this part, you can guarantee that the air within your home is cleaner, which benefits your health. Additionally, it eases the strain on the device, enabling greater and more effective performance.


Many homeowners want to ensure that their ACs are fit to run next summer. For better system functionality and efficiency, follow the steps mentioned above. 

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