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College Park, East Cobb and Atlanta, GA, Furnace Repair

When winter is almost around, our furnace comes to mind. We all like to stay comfortable at home during this time. Due to constant use, just like any other machine, the heating system is bound to break down.

The furnace is an important home appliance that requires constant attention from your end to avoid any expensive heating system repair. According to the furnace repair technicians in College Park and the metro Atlanta area, every homeowner must know their system thoroughly and the various reasons for a furnace breakdown. 

At this point, furnace repair in Atlanta, East Cobb, College Park, and the surrounding areas becomes increasingly essential. A furnace can stop working for several causes that gather over time, so it is important to remain careful with this essential piece of home equipment.

Top Reasons Your Furnace is Not Working

• Common Wears and Tears

A furnace is a machine that goes through the wear and tear process over time. You must be attentive to this problem. A furnace is bound to face several problems due to tear and wear, such as:  

  1. Overheating issues.
  2. Heating control.
  3. Airflow restrictions, etc.

You can avoid these issues when you call for professional furnace repair service in Atlanta and the surrounding areas on time.

• Lack of Maintenance

You can always agree with us when we say a machine needs adequate maintenance regularly. If you ignore this essential service, your system will be more prone to significant problems. It can even lead to a grave issue like a broken blower motor. 

A lack of maintenance may lead to having to opt for a completely new unit altogether. Contact Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling for heating installation in metro Atlanta. Always hire a professional service that can offer maintenance at least twice a year.

• The Thermostat is Mishandled

A thermostat is an important component of the furnace system that ensures heat gets evenly distributed across your home. If the thermostat is mishandled, you may face certain issues. Even though such a condition doesn’t harm your furnace, it can still prevent signal transmission from the thermostat to the heating system. 

According to our heating repair experts in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, you must replace the thermostat batteries every three months and call for a professional service to recalibrate the system before every season.

• Clogged Air Filters

Air filters remove unhealthy particles like dirt and dust from the indoor air. These filers keep working throughout the day when the system is on. In the process, the filters collect contaminants like pollen, dust, pet hair, etc. As a result, the filters remain clogged.

That is why the clogged filters restrict the airflow through the furnace system. As a result, your furnace has to work harder than usual, consumes more energy to perform, and adds excessive wear and tear. Contact Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling providing quality furnace repair service in Atlanta, East Cobb, and College Park without delay!

• Yellow Light Issue

The problem of yellow light occurs in the gas furnace. It happens when there is a fault in the gas line or a restriction in the flow. As a result, you may witness yellow light instead of healthy blue light. At this point, you should always pay attention to the situation and contact a professional service as early as possible.

• Broken Ignition Switch

For a furnace, the ignition panel is essential. If the problem occurs with the ignition switch, your furnace will encounter issues like turning it on or off. In such a situation, you must understand the problem thoroughly and contact a technician from Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling for heating repair in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

• Condensation Pipe Clogged

Many furnaces collect moisture produced by the system and drain it through condensation pipes. The water drainage system is structured to keep the furnace system safe. Sometimes, the condensation pipes develop moisture too. It would be best if you kept the pipes safe and moisture free. If you do this, your furnace will avoid the problem and eventually stop working.

• The Furnace Blower Capacitor is Damaged

The capacitor makes it possible for a blower motor to work, and the fan blades move. Your furnace will halt if the capacitor is damaged due to wear and tear. It can even damage your circuit board by utilising all the energy.

Five Major Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair Work

Abnormal Foul Smell Detected

If you find any smell coming out of your furnace, it can be due to poor combustion, denoting the presence of carbon monoxide. At this point, you shouldn’t wait to call for an expert technician. We also offer exclusive services of heating repair Atlanta.

Astonishingly High Bills

In winter, you know the energy bill that comes from the furnace. However, it is a problem if such expectations come with abnormally huge bills. You can be sure that the furnace system has become less efficient over time, and as a result, it takes up more gas or electricity to heat your rooms. In this case, opt for professional furnace repair in College Park and the surrounding metro Atlanta area.

The Pilot Light Turns Yellow

We are all used to the blue flame of the furnace burner. However, a yellow one in such a case can indicate that your furnace is facing a ventilation problem or carbon monoxide is present in the air. In such a situation, do not waste time and call for an immediate furnace repair in College Park and the surrounding areas.

Does Not Heat Properly

We rely heavily on the furnace during the winter. Can you imagine what would happen if such problems would continue with children present?

You may also see that your furnace is not appropriately warming up your rooms. It can be due to uneven furnace installation in East Cobb, GA, home, and this needs to be looked after immediately. Also, it can indicate that your furnace is due for a quick repair job.

Unusual Noise Problem

Furnaces do make sound, but they shouldn’t be noisy. If your furnace makes constant noise from banging to thumping, rattling to clanking, you should understand that your furnace repair in Atlanta and the surrounding areas has become essential.

Knowing that the furnace is linked with the HVAC system is also essential. That is why any recurring problem can also be related to the entire system. The more you neglect it, the more your HVAC system is prone to an expensive repair.


Take care of your furnace system regularly to prevent any sort of issues or permanent damage. If you call us on time, you might extend your system’s life for good. 

Choosing an expert service like Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling is, therefore, important. We offer impeccable service at a competitive rate. Our skilled technicians can address your furnace problem instantly. We provide services, including  furnace repair service in College Park and the surrounding areas.

Call for furnace repair service in Atlanta and contact only the best service provider – Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling. Our dedicated furnace installation in East Cobb, GA, is unparalleled in its quality at an affordable price. You can contact us at (404) 454-2686.