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3 Furnace Odors and Why They Occur?

Using a furnace or other heating system, you can stay comfortable during the winter. For your heating system to function properly throughout the winter, you must maintain it regularly. A burning smell can sometimes be detected in your furnace system. 

Some may consider there is no problem and think the system will return to normal with time, but this is not always the case. You must hire a skilled technician for regular maintenance after furnace installation in East Cobb, GA to ensure its proper function. 

Reasons Why the Furnace Gives Out Strange Odors

You won’t smell anything unpleasant if the furnace is running regularly. Dust and debris get deposited on heat exchangers, ducts, and ignition systems in a furnace. Consequently, after a while, you could smell some dust burning in the HVAC system when you switch on your furnace.

By sniffing the stench of the furnace system, a homeowner may determine what and where the problem is in the furnace system. 

Here are Certain Scents That Every Homeowner Should be Aware of


  • Rotten Egg Smell

In gas furnaces, a faint scent of burning fuel is typical. When the furnace emits a strong odor, it should be switched off, and if it continues for a while, Contact a professional for heating contractors in Atlanta, GA

Natural gas is a useful fuel source for equipment throughout your house. Unfortunately, it may also be hazardous when ingested, leading to lightheadedness, exhaustion, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

 Despite popular belief, natural gas has no smell. The majority of gas providers use fragrant compounds as a safety measure. These sulfur-based compounds emit the unique odor of rotten eggs, making it simple to detect the presence of natural gas.

 You could have a gas leak in your house if your home’s propane or natural gas-powered system smells like rotten eggs. Get in touch with a specialist as soon as possible, and leave your house until the region is safe.

Gas leaks are just as deadly as chemical odors and are as easy to see. The heat exchanger pump or blower motor may leak gas if you detect a strong chemical smell near your furnace or HVAC system. These gasses might result in deadly accidents if prompt safeguards are not taken. For help, get in touch with a contractor for furnace repair technician in Atlanta.

  • Electric Burning 

An overheated blower motor in your furnace or heater may cause an electrical burning smell. If the furnace overheats, it should turn itself off under standard working settings. 

However, if there is a problem with this safety device, your furnace may continue to run even while the motor runs too hard and gets dangerously hot. This heat is sufficient to melt wire insulation, and soon your appliance may experience electrical shorts and sparks that give out a burning odor. 

These sparks and melting wires provide enough heat to ignite a fire in your house if left alone. If you notice an electrical burning smell, turn off the power to your unit and get help from a furnace repair in Atlanta.

  • Dirty Socks Smell

The evaporator mold development may be to blame. Wet coils emit a stench resembling a dirty pair of socks when moisture burns there. You may avoid this in your heating system by cleaning and planning timely air duct cleaning. 

Do not ignore mold development since it inhibits ventilation, lowers air quality, and can lead to a costly heating replacement in East Cobb. If you smell burning or melting plastic, you must inspect the area surrounding your furnace immediately. 

It’s possible that anything made of plastic was inadvertently left close to the furnace. At home, this kind of scenario frequently involves children and animals. Avoid touching or picking up the burned plastic by any means.

To Summarize

You need a furnace system to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you notice that your heating system is operating improperly or ineffectively, contact heating contractors in Atlanta, GA. 

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